Friday, January 13, 2012

Focused Attention

Recently I wrote about some focused attention I would be placing on my sport. The area's in order that needed the attention were:

1. The bike
2. The Swim
3. Strength

Just an update so far.

Bike: Over the last few years I've seen one measurement slipping. When I was younger, a 3 hour ride always meant 50 or slightly more miles. For me 3 hours is 3 hours away from home, not 3 hours of actually riding. It's my way of telling Mary exactly when I'll be home. Since we moved to Germany and back, this number has slipped. 3 hours was only 45 miles or I've seen as low as 42 miles. If anything I've been consistent. Well finally on Saturday without "trying" I road 51 miles for 3 hours. That doesn't mean I'm back to an old form it just means that my work is paying off. Go figure, ride your bike often and good things can happen.

Swim - Not as dramatic in my mind but a good sign. Last week my 1:35 (per 100m) was overcrowded so I moved over to the 1:30 lane and made the workout. It was really hard but I made it.

So far so good. It just shows that you can focus on areas where you are weak and improve on them. With effort and time good things can happen.

It's a good life....
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