Friday, January 6, 2012

Cardiff Kook Run, Snot-Rockets, F-Bombs just a week in running

If you are racing the First Annual Cardiff Kook 10K, this is what you are racing for. It's a perpetual trophy that will have your name on it if you win. Really darn cool if you ask me. 
This interview with Desi Davila is inspiring. This is the mindset you have to have if you wan to win. You can't train for a PR you can't train to make the final you have to train to win. There is just no way around that. If you want to win Boston, Ironman or the Olympics you better have this attitude. 

Some favorite Quotes of the week. 

Seriously, why is it I can't do a snot-rocket without hitting myself. Today I cleared the body but what are the odds hit my shoe mid-stride - Mary Beth Ellis

The weird thing is, or maybe it's not so weird, but once I decided to just race bikes next year I started to like running more.  Like running for the sake of running and having nothing to with racing.  Running is fun! - James Walsh

A big thank you to Desi, Mary Beth, James of course the Cardiff Kook for making this first week of 2012 and entertaining running week. 
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