Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bio Hacking, Mind Hacking Living a long Life

I have written much lately because I am in learning mode and that sometimes replaces writing mode. What am I working on:

Bio Hacking - my own of course. I am not the guy who lost 300 pounds and lived to tell you about it. I am the guy who has a brother with ALL, a father who passed away from heart disease and a mother with Alziemer' s. Quite a bag to choose from. So I am working on finding the things that make me feel good and work towards providing me physical and mental energy. Recently I have added a great deal more fat into my diet and it feels good. I also quickly dropped weight which was not planned but not bad either. My inspiration is a bit of mix, Vinnie Tortorich, Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield. All available on podcast' I have also added a huge variety of plants to my diet and that is thanks to Rich Roll. More on this as I learn.

My mind work has been concentrating on Zen. I am fascinated with the calmness it offers. Here I am reading Leo Babuta and again listening to Dave Asprey. I spend a good amount of time deep breathing. I have no plans right now to become a.Zen master but I won't rule it out.

I believe my long term health is tied to my food choice and keeping my mind calm and constantly learning.

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