Monday, July 1, 2013

Perfect Business Tool: 4 Great Things about the I Phone 5

When our son was little he like many kids had his Binky. On one of the many trips we have taken, we forgot to bring it. He was fussy for a day or so and then he no longer needed it. The same thing happened to me with the check book. I ran out of checks one day and decided two weeks to get new checks was too long, so I stopped writing checks. That was 12 years ago.

Just over a week ago while on my two week business trip my computer hard drive crashed. At first it was devastating. I had a big meeting with a factory and didn't have the agenda I sent out or any of the back up information I may need. What I had was my new I Phone 5 and the loss of the computer forced me to figure out the business applications for the phone. Below are the top 5 things I learned:

  1.  I have two email accounts one for business and one personal and each was emptied daily. It's always my goal to end the day with no email in my inbox and the I Phone simply makes that easy. 
  2. Pod Casts - I'm a big user of Pod Casts. Business, personal interest and news. I set up my subscriptions and when the phone connects to Wi Fi it gives me anything new. Great for the 90 minute train ride from Hong Kong to Guanzhou or for the Daily Subway ride in the city. 
  3. Notes - No agenda no problem. I recreated the agenda in notes and during the two days in the factory I filled in the talking points in the Agenda. At 6 pm on the second day I sent the notes via email (I love that function) and everyone in the meeting and back at the home offices were informed of what happened. 
  4. Google Maps - If you don't have this on I phone get it. The I Phone Maps works well if you are walking but Google works great if you are driving. The new functions make it absolutely the best when you are in a city you don't know. 

Notice there is no mention of Photo's, Instagram, Twitter etc. I actually liked my Android better for all of that. Photos were loaded directly from the phone to my Google account and then could be shared anywhere including on this Blog. But that is minor compared to the 4 above. Now when I travel I'm not taking my computer. It can sit at home and rest while me and my phone do all the work.

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