Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Parenting and Athletics

I read a post written by Gordo Burn about parenting

The general sentiment is that a child has one childhood and it doesn't mix well with elite athletics. I have my own view and a bit of experience in my time as a father. I don't consider myself elite although I have had success at long distance racing. 3 times at Ironman Hawaii and 2 more times letting the slot roll down past my name. 2 of those Hawaii visits and the other 2 roll downs have all been as a father. Some observations and things I have done:


  1. I would never trade growing up with our son. I have been involved since the day he was born. For close to two years my wife and I alternated the midnight or whatever calling. 
  2. We still do this only now it's homework or all the extra curricular things.
  3. I can count on one hand the games or meets I have missed due to travel.
  4. We committed early to take him with us and we have. He has been to more countries than most adults and to more states then most Americans.
  5. He's almost 15 and our family bond continues to be strong. I think it's partly because we have allowed him and enjoy it when he teaches us.
Athletics and Parenthood
  1. If your single (no spouse or child) training consisted of mega miles you have to learn to replace them with hard miles.
  2. During the summer the sun comes out at 6am. It's good to be an hour into a workout by then. If it means spending the first our of a 5 hour ride on the trainer that is what you do.
  3. You like me got into sport because of friends or you made training friends along the way. They will understand that you can't meet for a 5 hour ride at 8 am on Saturday. If they don't they aren't really your friends.
  4. You have to be the master time freak at work. Your time is everything so keep everyone on task in meetings with a start time and hard end time. Stay off the internet during work. Just get your shit done in the shortest amount of time. The rest of your work can be done via smart phone.
  5. Stay off social media hourly and turn off all social media notifications.
  6. Stay consistent with your training. 
  7. Ride or run to family functions. Your family will appreciate this.
I think the best person to talk to would be my son but he's upstairs with the music blaring and I love it because we both love music.

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