Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe Countdown week #1

Last week off the plane from Asia I jumped into a bike load weekend. First off my thoughts are with the passengers of the flight that crashed in San Fran. I have landed there from Asia at least 20 times in the last 3 years and it was there where I entered the country last week.

The day after I landed I rolled out 4 hours on the coast. No hills to speak of so basically 4 hours of pedaling. I started the day with an hour in the pool so it was a big day jet lagged. Saturday I rode another 4 hours and this time it was in the big hills. I hadn't paid attention to the weather and wasn't that a mistake. I later found out that it was well over 100 _ for most of my ride. Normally I run off the bike but this time I decided to wait until it got cooler.

Sunday I made my way through 90 minutes of running. It was not pleasant but it got done.

This week has been a standard week. Well kind of standard. My Thursday swim was replaced with a Holiday 10k. I am pleased to report it was my fastest 10k in 6 years. That is good considering the difficult course. It was also a question if I would do it because the Jet lag hung around most of the early part of the week.

Today the Breakaway Trainging group train went by me and I decided to latch on. It felt good to know I could hold their wheel for the 20 minutes we were together. They were moving when they went by.

Another 90 minutes of running awaits tomorrow and week #1 will be done. Good response of the body.

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