Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Biohacking the Old Fashion Way

So what's the point of Biohacking anyway? To be the best biohacker in the world? I can sleep on mats, with blue light filters, red lights to calm me, heart rate variability monitors, eye patches and ear plugs……or to make sure you are doing the right things so you can live a true life worth living. Which brings me to the Old fashioned way. Today I will:

  1. Visit the Dentist for my quarterly teeth cleaning. Yes that is right I get my teeth cleaned quarterly. Teeth and gum health are vital to overall health so I take care of them. My favorite health practitioner wants me to remove the mercury from my mouth and I'm down with that but only if it can be done safely. So far I haven't found that way yet. 
  2. Visit my Chiropractor - I like him  because he saved my running years ago. I trust him. But I see him regularly to make sure I'm properly aligned. I guarantee the run I'm about to do is going to be painful. The run I do on Thursday is going to feel so fresh and beautiful, thanks to my visit with Dr. Sheppard. 
So whatever you do, don't forget the basics. These two are the basics for what is biohacking. You can put the best stuff into your body but if you don't take care of the body, none of it matters. 

By the way, I don't sleep with all the stuff above. I sleep really soundly on a good bed, with a warm blanket and a snoring dog just below me. 

It's a good life….

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