Monday, March 24, 2014

The Week that Was

One cast comes off the other one goes on. 8 more weeks in a cast. You break a small bone in the hand and this is what you get 12 weeks. The new cast allows the elbow to bend but does not allow the arm to rotate. So no hard running for at least another 4 weeks. So he's switched to hard riding on my turbo trainer. 

This picture sits on my desk at work. It's a reminder of how I don't want to look. A bit miserable if you ask me. So I look at it daily and smile. 

I've decided if I'm going to swim it's going to happen in the dark. First it's better for my skin and second it's safer than running in the dark. 

I love this picture. There are few runners who don't know this picture. This was outside a running store in San Diego. The guy in the store was showered and had just opened the store. My bet is he had another run to do later in the day. 

I spent Saturday at two Zoot functions. First up was running with the West Coast Road Runner crew. I had a great 12 mile run with a couple guys. The second was a meet and greet with Team Zoot San Diego. You can see they are already Zoot fans. Very cool to see and fun to meet everyone. 

What I learned in all of this. 
  1. The more I see Marco in challenging situations the more proud I am of him. He has handled this broken hand with class. 
  2. I love my job. Running stores, runners and athletes oh and I reviewed and made adjustments to Fall 2015 designs. 
  3. I love the pool. It's the one place where you can go hard and not beat yourself up doing it. 

It's a good life….
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