Monday, March 17, 2014

Sunday Running with the High School Runner

Broken wrist and all He's ready to run. If you know him that's not a happy face. What he's showing is game on Dad we are about to crank this out.

 The forward lean the strong legs, the perfect form he's rolling 6 minute pace here.

 He's pulling away. Not to complain but this is my second run of the day and I'm holding the camera. He dropped me like the old man that I am.

 I got smart. If you recognize the route, he went under the tracks at Santa Fe and I did not. I stayed on the trail. He picked up the pace here on the course and was just moving. I slowed down just so I could watch the beauty that is running.

Because of my knowledge of where he was running, I made it home first. Here he is at the finish. He's not smiling because the run hurt. It was the first hard run since the cast came on. Totally against doctors orders but oh my did he enjoy himself. He was full of energy the rest of the night and kept talking about running.

It's a good life….
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