Monday, March 31, 2014

The Product or The Brand

Look into your running shoe closet. Why do you have the shoes you own? Why did you buy the first shoe of the brand in your closet. Did you buy it for what the product does or did you buy it for who the brand is.

More than likely you found out about the brand before you found out about the shoe. Apply that to the TV, the Computer, your cell phone, just about anything.

So this past weekend it was all about the Brand Zoot. Introducing Zoot to the Triathlon World. Yes I know, the Triathlon world knows Zoot. But they don't know this Zoot.

The new booth is a 20 foot mobile container. It opens up to reveal the Brand. It closes down to move on to the next race. While every other brand had a 10x10 pop up tent or two we brought this display.

 The shoe wall was a great display. Bright colors against black always look great.

 Race day arrived and the Jewell boys went to watch the run segment. We saw a 6'4" athlete smoke the field of highly talented athletes. We saw a lanky woman take down the smaller fast runners as well. It was great to have the boy there giving me all the running form comments. He's got a good eye for running form.
 Finally on Sunday is was a day with Team Zoot. What a great concept for a small brand like ours. These folks are amazing brand ambassadors. I believe they will be the biggest impact for Who Zoot Is this year.
It's a good life….
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