Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make it Fun

Yesterday Marco and I went for a run at his request. He asked as we were watching the Rock n Roll Marathon on Sunday. A dream of mine to have my son ask me to go running with him. We headed out at about 5 pm and I told him the plan before hand. We would run north on the path along the railroad tracks. We then would cross into Encintas, run south through town and end up at Swami's park and beach access. There we would head to the beach remove our shoes and run as hard as we could to the Cardiff Access point. 
I knew Marco would enjoy the speed and the run along the water. The further we got down the beach the further out into the water he went. When we got to the point where we would exit the beach he held up his index finger telling me to wait. He threw his shoes on the beach, took off his shirt and threw it on the beach as well. Then he headed west into the water to play in the waves. It was spontaneous and it great. Reminds me that we can always learn from our children.

It's a good life....
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