Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running for Chelsea

2 years ago Chelsea King went for a run. It was just a normal day. She called home or sent a text saying I'm going for a run.  But on this day, on this trail in north San Diego County, a dispicable man decided Chelsea should shouldn't run anymore. This story story touched everyone. A young girl going out for a run. A group of us decided that we wanted to finish her run. So about 2 months after her death a couple thousand people showed up to go running.
This past March  the Chelsea's Light Foundation launched Fininsh Chelsea's Run. A huge gathering of people getting together to celebrate her life, raise money and run a 5K. Usually I'd say they showed up to run a 5K but after witnessing the event it was clearly in the order I placed it. Yesterday we sat down to start planning the event for next year. I highly suggest if you want a feel good day, one that can show the power of a strong family and the power of community show up next March.
The race and the Foundation raise money to send kids to college. To send Change Makers out into the world. In the next couple days in a quiet setting a group of high school kids are going to find out they are the first recipients of scholarship money from the foundation. From tradgedy comes hope. Hope that if you give the Change Makers every opportunity, they will go out and make Change. Maybe make the change that is needed to let a girl go out for a run.

It's a good life...
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