Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tastes Good?

I'm always on the search for something new. After my "collapse" in Utah recently I've opened myself up to look at everything. This week I decided to try a new natural food product to supplement my diet. Especially in the morning before a long workout. I tried using this product twice. On Wednesday before my long run and Saturday before my bike ride. Wednesday I had a good run with the group and didn't feel hungry for about 2 hours after the run. On Saturday my stomach was tied in knots the entire ride. The main difference I think was Wednesday I drank it 1.5 hours before I ran. On Saturday it was like 15 minutes before I took off. So I'll keep testing it. I learned of this product from someone I trust on what food to eat, James Walsh.

The problem I have with the product and I'm not alone when it comes to virtually every product from the Vitamine and Supplements Isle. Even though they say it tastes great it doesn't. On this product I don't even think doesn't is nice enough. I can usually handle it all but this one is hard to drink. It's called Vega and their claim to faim is Real Food Fast. They sell the nutritional value hard but they really sell the "Tastes Great" super hard. In fact the quote is "People who are not really used to a whole food natural diet find this product tastes great"  The Jury is still out.

In other news I'm going to try to commit to writing in my other blog, Running Shoe Dirt. This week I'm talking again about my favorite traditional running shoe hater, the Run Blogger. I'm going to commit to a weekly post. Maybe it will catch on. Someone has to stand up and talk real about shoes and running. We can't let the academics rule our practice.

It's a good life...


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