Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am here to.......

The book I am Here to Win is a must read for anyone who is a triathlete or just simply loves competition. Clearly it helps to know the players but you don't have to to enjoy it. But I'm not writing about it to give you my opinion of the book. Through reading it I've reflected on what I'm doing as a person and as a triathlete and that's what I'll touch on.

Me the Person
In general I think I've sold myself short for too long. I love what I do for a living but my experience and my knowledge of the market says I should be doing more. Instead of digging for Mentors and allies in my industry the way Macca has done I based my livelyhood on my geeky shoe knowlegde. It's time to get out there and use what I've got.  I read articles today of people who are running their respective companies and these are people I worked side by side with 10 years ago. They don't have what I have they've just been more aggressive with where they want to go. No offense to anyone reading this but it's true.

Me the Triathlete
The Skeleton Macca talks about is exactly what I was referring to weeks ago when I said I failed the coach. I know because of years of experience the base work I needed to do. I needed coach to fine tune from that base. Instead I let him give me the plan from the bottom up. Although the plan was great I sure know my body better than anyone and should have been more involved in the planning. I've detailed out my current skeleton for now below.
Nutrition - Hydrate the muscle - that makes total sense and that's a good learning. I was thinking about Ironman races past and I used to drink this stuff called Pro Hydrator. Guess what, it was a good combination of what Macca was talking about. Did I think of that this year. Only at about mile 90 of the bike. The rest of his nutrition plan is fairly common sense. Oh and he's not the first World Champion to drink Ensure before the race. Coke - Long ago I learned from my good buddy Monty that Coke was the best nutrition product on the race course. Macca simply confirms it again. All the science of the world and Coke still rules.

I think the end result of the book is that no matter what you do, be good at it and surround yourself with people to help with the weak spots. Clearly that's where I've gone wrong recently.

My current Skeleton: 10 hours max. Probably much less.
Monday - Swim Masters - Easy 30 minute run with strides.
Tuesday - Easy Ride to and From Work
Wednesday - 1 hour "Long" run - weights on the upper body.
Thursday - Ride to work with a trip up Double Peak.
Friday - Masters or Open Water Swim - 1 hour tempo run.
Saturday - 2-3 hour ride lots of big gear work, 20 min run - weights - legs.

Goal right now is to put some weight on and get my lower back to be strong. This will probably include a trip or two to see my friends at the Wolf Studio.

It's a good life....
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