Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Going Mental

It's a regular happening around my house. Mary comes rushing down the stairs to tell us a snake story. The other night it was a story about Cobras on a train in Vietnam.  I'm not saying this happens every so often, it happens 3-4 nights a week. Stories of snakes. Then last night Mary asked me to put the screen back on the dryer vent on the outside wall. Why you might ask? The Snakes passing by (you know those traveling snakes) on our bank will notice the warmth and want to slither know end up in the dryer. Do you see where I'm going? Mary has a snake phobia. An unhealthy nightmare at night fear of slithering snakes. And yet she searches for stories on the web about snakes. Hmmm?

Same kind of story only different. Yesterday we posted  on Facebook a piece I wrote about Zoot shoes and our shoe philosophy. Some guy went off on the post saying we thought coaches were a waste of time and just writing all kinds of nonsense. At one point he accused me of baiting him into a discussion.  I searched his name on Google and guess what? He's a college professer specializing in Mental Illness. Lighten up doctor it's just running shoes. You deal with the important stuff. When I die I really hope they don't say "Dave was the best shoe person in the world". Get it?

It's a good life....
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