Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday Mornings

I read Seth Godin every morning. Good thing I read this before the ride. Sometimes disaster is what I feel daily. It's nice to have a friendly reminder that Disaster can be a good thing. Every Thursday right now is a trip up Double Peak Road. I decided to start riding and running with people just to have more social time in my life. It has been great. Yesterday we there were four of us all in our Zoot Kit. For the other three it was their first time up DP. Too bad it was so foggy. It would have been nice to show them the view from the top which is spectacular. 

Molly at the base of the steep climb. She quoted at this point that the climb was already tough and all I could say was just wait.
It's San Diego in June and that means June Gloom. I time of year when we may not see the sun on the coast. This morning the onshore clouds were a bit thick making it a cool morning. Molly the normally warn one chose Zoot Thermal CompressRX tights under her cycling shorts.
                                              The team preparing for the ride.

Molly with the big grin after riding to the top. John already putting his long sleeves back on for the quick ride down. 
The Sweet Zoot Kit from the back. 

The ride home is always a challenge for me. After a full day of work ( remember Disaster) I put the kit back on for the ride home. People seem to be in a hurry when they are going home. The street the office is on should be renamed Freeway. The speed limit is 55 but they are going much faster. I have to cross three lanes right out of the office drive to get in a turn lane. It's always a rush to cross and hope they see me. Then it's on to two more roads that are just packed with screaming cars where everyone is in a hurry.  But there is always a point where I look over into one of those screaming cars and smile . Because whatever they are rushing to do can't be better than what I'm doing. Usually by the time I get home I'm mellowed out from the day thanks to the ride home. 

It's a good life...

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