Saturday, August 11, 2012

6 Days in London: Day #1

I had the pleasure of spending 6 days in London at the Olympics. During my time I kept the folks at Zoot updated. This is simply a recreation of those days. 

 Day #1 in London was spent finding my way around. I made it to the Triathlon Venue with no problems. It will take me roughly 10 minutes to get to the park and another 10 minutes to get to a good spot to watch the race. Of course I also found the park close to the hotel for running. 12 minutes to Regents Park and 15 minutes to Hyde Park. Not a bad job finding the hotel. 

Women’s Triathlon is Tomorrow 9:00am London Time.
Men’s 10,000 meter is Tomorrow 21:25 London Time.

The British are killing it on the Cycling Track. Unreal how good they are. It’s always fun to listen to Chris Bordman and Mark Cavedish doing the play by play. 
  Heathrow Airport with the Olympic Spirit
 The Blue Carpet that marks Transition and Finish Line for the Triathlon

 The Swim Start Pontoon.

Street Art?

 Fancy Fish and Chips for Dinner! 

It's a good life...
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