Saturday, August 11, 2012

London Day #4

Hold on because this was a special day that had everything to do with the Olympics and nothing to do with the Olympics
  We’ll start with this. I choose my hotels based on location. The location to a park is most important. So in reviewing the options and the cost I chose a hotel outside of London proper and close to Regent’s Park which is a great place to run. I can look at a map on line and find my way to anything with just one view of the map. So the last few days I’ve run to the park. Yesterday I noticed I was running on this road daily.

The famous Studio where the Beatles Recorded. 

  Probably the most famous cross walk ever!
  Next was shopping for ideas for Kona/Rio 2016. Adidas is doing something really cool with absolutely bad execution (not the shoe).

I had some time for myself. So I went to a museum. To see...

 It’s London, of course I went there.
  On my way I ran into Macca
  I then went Olympic Park. Well not the park but the mall. The Marmot store. Marmot is trying to get themselves into the outdoor market in the UK. They are not well known so they picked a crowded mall. The Manager said by far the majority of the customers are coming in because they see Zoot.

  Did I mention Crowds?
 From there I went to see Javier the Agent and Omar the Coach and look what I found. Javi will ride this tomorrow.
 And He’ll wear these. You should also see his helmet. The best clasp ever! 

 So it was a busy day but that’s not the end. I was standing on the platform about to board the train when I ran into Greg Louganis! Yes the Multiple Gold Medalist. The man to solidifies the Olympic Spirit. Cracked his head so hard that it required multiple stitches. Got back on the platform and hit an amazing dive. He and I spoke for 10 stops. I had tears in my eyes when I got off the train. I’ll tell the story of why some day.

Tomorrow is the big day. They expect 1 million people in Hyde park. Javi is ready. Imagine this 4 years ago there were 5 athletes in the last 200 meters. Javi finished 4th. Do you think he wants it this year?

It’s a good life....
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