Monday, February 17, 2014

Running Stores of the World: Road Runner Sports San Diego

Yes, I worked there for 12 years so I have an affinity with RRS. Even while I worked there I loved the San Diego store for what it is. It's billed as the Largest Running Store in the World. In terms of store square footage it is not. Boulder Running Company in Boulder and the New BRC Cherry Creek are larger stores. But there is no question it is the largest in terms of revenue. There is no running store close.

What's Great About the Store

  1. Selection - If you want a shoe, bra or anything running the selection is the largest of its kind. Just the shoes alone will blow you away. 
  2. Shoe Inventory - This is the big advantage of the store. There is a 50,000 square foot back room that holds all the inventory. If you see a shoe you want, chances are great they have your size in stock in fact I never get turned down when I shop there. That's a huge advantage to runners because you get to try everything on for yourself. 
  3. Treadmills - There are something like 20 treadmills for gait analysis. 
What's Not Great
  1. They oversell custom insoles. Custom insoles are casts for your feet. They work if your feet hurt but they are inhibitors. You don't go to the doctor for your broken arm and hear him say "come back in 6 months and I'll replace your cast" The same should be true for an insole. Use it to fix the problem and then remove it. 
  2. Saturdays - Even with 20 treadmills you have to take a number on Saturday and in general the store is too busy to shop. 
  3. The Bell - I get it, you are joining the club but that darn VIP bell rings often and it's a distraction and kind of corny. That said the VIP club is worth joining if you can stand the ringing of the bell. The benefits are worth it if you run often and replace your shoes like you should. 
 Lot's of Space for Shopping

 A sampling of the Treadmills. 
 Great Value in Apparel and it's really good stuff

This is just 1/2 of the shoe wall. It's simply amazing with selection 

It's a good life...

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