Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The High School Runner Back at it and Mad

This past Sunday the family suited up for the Cardiff Kook Run. I ran the 10K while Marco and his mother ran the 5K. He asked me the night before if he should run it or race it. I said he should decide on his own. As we warmed up I still wasn't sure if he would race or run. The 10K departed a half hour before the 5K and both are on the same road so I knew I would know his decision when I was on my way to the finish and the 5K was in the first mile going the other way.

He ran by side by side with another high school kid and they were flying. I finished and headed back out to watch the finish of the 5K. The leader at one mile was the winner overall. The other high school kid (a junior) was second and in third place was Marco. He finished strong but came across the line mad. He felt out of shape and felt like he should be running faster.

We got home and I looked up his 5K time from the Turkey Trot which was at the end of Cross Country. He was super fit at that time and he ran 16:47. Sunday after a good 3 week break from running and some consistent but light running to now he ran 16:49 and was mad about it.

The competitor is now coming out.

It's a good life...

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