Friday, February 21, 2014

The Industry Ride

What a great time. The first Friday of every month there is an industry ride. All the people in the cycling industry in San Diego are invited. The first ride was a total blast. Easy conversation pace with as you can see was a big group. I met quite a few people I didn't know and that is part of the reason for the ride. We all work in this very fun industry and why shouldn't we all get to know each other. No question the Zoot crew took advantage of the 8 am start.

One of the guys mentioned "Many go play golf, we ride". I was happy this day to keep the conversations personal and not business. I learned from a great mentor (Think Wolf of Wall Street kind of guy) that work is work and play is play and they should not mix. You do and talk work at work, you don't talk work at play. He would not allow it when we played golf. So I was happy during this ride that even if someone tried to lure me into a business discussion I turned the channel.

It's a good life….

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