Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Best Running Shoe Design in the Last 3 Years

My friend Dieter in Germany picked up a shoe and said this was the best shoe designed in the last 3 years. In fact he said it was perfect. As soon as I got home I bought a few pairs and handed them out. From a pure design and feel aspect I can't argue with it. This is one beautifully created shoe. It is perfectly balanced from medial to lateral side and from back to front. It rides so smooth.

The Brooks Pure Connect
You can see the perfect balance heel to forefoot. One thing Dieter pointed out and I agree is that the fit is awkward. The normal size feels too small and the next size feels too sloppy. At least that's true on my foot and the feet of the people I gave it to. 

At the back of the shoe the medial size is roughly 2mm thicker than the lateral side and this creates the great balance. The big pod in the middle creates the smooth transition and those pods in the forefoot are like butter. They are simply a joy to run on. 

The problem I see is that great geometric design does not make a great shoe. The Pure Connect works for about 2% of the running population for daily running and about 10% of the running population for weekly running. Maybe that was the Brief and if so they nailed it. The shoe is obviously beautiful which mean's it's out selling it's true market which from a shoe company standpoint that's great too. 

I love running shoes and this is a gem. In the entire mix of good and bad shoes out there this one stands out for it's simplicity and function. Too bad it's so limited in its use. 

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