Thursday, February 13, 2014

Angry Runner

I listen to a podcast called the Angriest Trainer I like it because he has a strong point of view, has good guests, is funny and has flaws. He says he's the Angriest Trainer "because your good intentions have been stolen" and he speaks out against all the health/training fads and sticks to his point of view of No Sugars and No Grains which I aspire too as well.

I'm stealing a bit of his energy to say that I am the Angriest Runner. I'm angry because if you are a runner and you spend anytime looking for a running shoe, there is so much misinformation it pisses me off.

Running is the most pure, easiest sport in the world to do. You don't need anything but a pair of shoes and your head. But the information out there would say something else. Who's spreading this information?

  1. Writers, Bloggers and more. Christopher McDougall is the biggest name in the misinformation. Read his book Born to Run, it's simply a great read. But don't believe his talk about shoe companies and barefoot running. It's pure bullshit. Yes if done properly some people can run barefoot. Yes, shoe companies are in the business of staying on trend and making money. But to blame shoe companies for all the injuries is stupid. 
  2. Shoe Companies - We are in business to make money and sometimes we jump on trends. We are also responsible for overbuilding shoes to make them appear worth the price tag. There are also some who truly believe their own story that a shoe can put you in proper form. 
  3. Running Stores - We (I'm still a retailer at heart) are in the business to make money and do more year over year. Sometimes we jump on trends to do just that. 
  4. Trainers/run form trainers - I don't even know where to start here the license does not give you the right to cloud the mind. 
I promise this, I'm going to continue to write about running and how to stay injury free. My hacking of my running and my ability to stay injury free speaks for itself. My thirst for knowledge on the subject should also help clear the misinformation. I am going to tell you about the best running stores. They are the real experts on the field of running shoes and deserve notice. I'm going to talk about the best coaches and trainers on the planet. And I'm going to talk about the most pure runner I know, my son. He doesn't read about running, running shoes or injury prevention. He listens to his coach and he runs. I'm going to talk about how running shoes are made, what I believe are the great shoes on the market including the shoes my company makes. 

Time to run. 

It's a good life...

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