Friday, April 5, 2013

The High School Runner #3

There are too many examples of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to not think that we all have something special inside of us. Greg McMillan

800m: 2:19 New
Mike: 4:59
2Mile: 10:31
Long Run: 11 Miles

As every runner knows there are great days, good days and just flops. Today on the track was a good day. As a freshman runner there are lots of things to learn about racing and our High School Runner is learning them on race day. In the mile the pace was slow. 1:14 at the quarter and 2:31 at the half. He learned that you can get lulled into that kind of pace and when it's time to go as the smallest kid on the track out kicking Seniors is just probably not going to happen.

He then came back in the 800 and set a new PR by 8 seconds but there is lots of learning on this the hardest race in track. That's right I said it. To run this well you have to run the first lap fast and the second lap faster. Very hard to do when you are a Freshman eager to run fast. When you run 64 for the first lap it's hard at this age to come back faster. But a PR is a PR and he should hold his head up high.

It's a good life....
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