Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Secret Life

The Typical Tuesday

4:00am Wake Up
5:15 Pool Time :45 to 1:00
6:30 Breakfast with the High School Runner - First drink of coffee!
7:30 Depart for Work
11:00 Ride for 60 minutes
6:00PM - Unless driving the High School Runner to CAP - Head for Home.
6:30 - The Tuesday Run
8:00 - Dinner
9:00 - Either Drive Home from CAP or Crawl into bed to read and wait for the family to come home.
10:00 - Sleep

A huge shout out to my Big Brother Bob. He's headed to the Dr. today to find out if it really is ALS or possibly something else....Thinking about you Bob!

It's a good life....

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