Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cars vs. Bikes

Currently cars are winning this game. In a few recent cases the result was major injury or death. Yesterday I saw a rider coming down a very busy road in his aero bars. At the bottom of the hill there is a road merging from the right and immediately after there are two right hand turn lanes. the bike lane continues straight and remains to the left of the turn lanes. So you have heavy traffic, tricky negotiations of lanes and a cyclist coming through in his aero bars. He ended up yelling profanities at the cars.

Riders need to take some responsibility.

  1. Blind spots are around every car. Stay out of the blind spots you know.
  2. Stop signs and stop lights apply to all. The issue bike riders cause in rolling through is angst. You piss off the drivers.
  3. Be smart riding your aero bars. Open road low traffic good. Busy roads or in tight riding groups bad. 
  4. Yes there are drivers who are sick of bikes but most are trying to do the right thing by you. Give them a break if they make a mistake. It is ok to remind them that you are there but do it with class and the point will be made. Laced with profanities they will only remember the ass on the bike who cussed them out.
It's a good life.....
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