Monday, May 6, 2013

Ironman 70.3 St. George

If you ever get a chance, visit St George, UT. I suggest go in early Spring when it's probably cooler but go. It is stunningly beautiful.

Going into the race my head was not in it. Stress at work, A brother with ALS and the thought of waking up Sunday Morning to get on a plane bound for Europe was just too much for my head. I woke up Saturday Morning and decided this would be a training day. It was the best decision I made all week.

I did it like this. Easy swim, no stress 44th in my age group out of the water. Super Dizzy coming out but not stressed. I got on my bike and road like it was a catered training ride. I slowed for the catering part. Somehow I managed to pass 14 riders on the bike. I'm guessing 12 of them were on the last really long climb in Snow Canyon. I was spinning up the hill where most were grinding. By the way my swim wave was 18th of 20 or 21. I had 85% of the race in front of me at the start. Lot's of people to talk to on the way by them. On the run, I told myself to be strong on the hills. A big thanks to Paul Huddle and Rock Frey for creating the hardest 70.3 run course in the world. Anyway I just set a pace I knew I could run for 10 miles. Many of of 14 I had passed went by me in the first half of the run. I hit 10 miles and let my legs go and decided to finish strong. I was feeling fine, nothing hurt. I crossed the finish line in 25th and called it a day. 5:13:xx on a "training" day was very fun.

Some observations.

  1. My water bottle in one of my bags emptied out on the bus ride to the swim start. My race top was soaking wet when I put it on. Even though it's going to get wet anyway, that is a miserable experience to stand for 90 minutes in a wet top. 
  2. People ride bikes like they drive on the Free Ways. The rules of the road are slower traffic stays to the right. 
  3. I can't help to look at feet while I'm running. Triathletes are quick to jump on new. A couple observations in the footwear. Every time I saw someone stopped and stretching a calf they were wearing Brooks Pure running shoes. If you have an overpronation issue in your running, it's going to be worse in a Newton or Hoka. In Newton that forefoot pod is not stable so when your over-pronating foot hits that pad it's more like a crash then roll. I saw legs just shimmering with vibration. In the Hoka it's simply a free fall. That Over-Pronating foot just falls off the super high platform. This is not a knock on the shoes, but on the athletes who probably bought the shoes on line. Go to a running store and get the right shoes for your running. They won't be sexy, they won't be the latest and greatest but they will work better for you and you will run better. 
  4. The Ultra Kiawe is the bomb if I do say so myself. No socks, no problems. In fact when I took my feet out of the cycling shoes and put on the Kiawe I swear there was a huge sense of relief that started at my feet. Too bad I didn't honor the shoes with a fast run. 
Off to Poland. 

It's a good life....
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