Friday, May 17, 2013

Running Shoe Dirt: Minimalism

Last year at the running event in Austin, Texas there were 42 shoe brands representing running shoes. I bet I can't name 30 of them and I work in the industry. The majority of the brands are spin offs of minimalism, barefoot running or natural running. There are arguments that could be said they are all the same. Run Barefoot. Well you can't do that all the time so run in minimalism and make sure you do it the way  nature intended.

 Running has gotten to complicated. It used to be, you find a shoe you like and run in it until the sole falls off.If you made it that far than the shoe was right. Now because of the internet and blogs like this one everyone is an expert. We shall see this year at the Running Event. The true experts, the end consumers are starting to figure it all out.

Just go for a run and if you can't feel your feet and don't think about feet/shoes keep running. You are in the right shoe.

It's a good life.....

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