Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Politics on the Run

 The team enjoying a post Swim dinner by the lake. Polish food just like they do it in Wisconsin. 
The Lake we swam in. The swim was to give everyone an experience in a Zoot Wetsuit. Because it was with my friend Marcus he turned it into a swim workout and we swam from one side of the lake to the other and back. But we weren't done there.....

We finished the swim and Marcus says "Dave, now we run for 20 minutes". Next thing I know it's the German, an Israeli and I on what ended up being a 50 minute run. There were two topics of discussion. Bikes and Politics. The Israeli had stumps for legs and we got to talking about his gearing and cranks. He rides 175mm cranks with a 55 on the front and 11-23 on the back. That makes for big legs. If I did that it would be a squat workout every time I road. The last 15 minutes of the run was a discussion of Politics in the Holy Land. Interesting to hear it directly from one who lives it every single day. Iran, Lebanon, Syria, precision bombing and how do you feel were all on the discussion. All I kept thinking is Mary needs to be on this run with me to ask the questions.

Yes if you are keeping track, my Tuesday in Poland consisted of 1:50 of running split between two runs and 30 minutes of steady swimming in a Lake. In Between all of that we executed day 1 of a sales meeting.

It's a good life....
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