Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad Primal Week

Dang, staying primal while in the throws of factory visits in China was rough. In fact if it weren't for breakfast I might not have been primal at all. At to that I lost more than 4 lbs on this trip and it was a tough one. For Instance:

Monday was spent like this:
- Early morning run 4:30am
-Shower and cab to the train station.
-Chicken Cesar salad for breakfast.
- 90 minute train ride, 40 minute car ride to the factory.
- For lunch I opted for rice and kale. I just could not stomach Pig Knuckles. Although that would fit primal eating it sure wouldn't fit my gut.
- then it was rough afternoon meetings until 6:00pm
- we got to the train station at 7:00pm and there is was a small bag of Almonds.
- the 90 minute train ride put us back in HK at 9:45pm
- Made it to the Hotel at 10:30 and then I broke down and ordered a Cheesburger from room service.
- Dinner at 11:00pm with some attempt at winding down from the day.

No wonder I lost so much weight so fast. Not a suggestion for anyone.

It's a good life....
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