Sunday, January 2, 2011

Game On - Big Steel Challenge

Finish the year with less stuff; give away 2 for every 1 new thing. - Jordan Rapp

For those of you who don't know me quite yet, let me do some explaining. I spent 12 years working a dream job. I grew up loving running shoes and dreamed of working in shoes. For 12 years I worked for the monster retailer that is Road Runner Sports and my responsibility was soup to nuts running shoes. I was afforded unreal opportunitiy in that role. I worked with every running shoe manufacturer (some more than others) from inception to launch. I was given a title and role of Super Dave where it was free game for customers to ask me anything about running and running shoes. I basically had free reign on anything and everything running shoes. After that we moved to Germany so I could spend 2.5year working (running shoes)for one of the coolest companies in sport, adidas. Virtually everything done in sport with sport products started at adidas.  It was at adidas where I was introduced to the world of running. When I say worlk I mean we covered the world and all that is running in it.  From there we moved back to San Diego so I could pursue something totally new. I've been a triathlete since almost the begining of the sport. So it was an opportunity that just seemed right to come home and work for a small yet quickly growing company Zoot. Through all of this I've met and worked with the best athletes in the world. I've worked with the best designers, best developers and have gotten to know the inner workings of the best comapanies in running.

All of this is driven and supported by the greatest family a guy could ask for. I have a beautiful wife of 17 years who puts up with my stuff. I have a son who drives me to be the best father. When I grow up I want to be just like our son.

So anything and everything above is game on this blog. I have kept every question I ever got as Super Dave. I'll share some of the best. I'll share stories of the greats I've gotten to work with. Most of all I'll share how I'm getting through this life. I hope you enjoy it and above all nothing happens without feedback. Bring it on!

I start today with the Big Steel Challenge - My short term goal is to build unreal strength this year. I'm old and I am still hungry to compete and go fast. My body doesn't work like it used to so I have to be smart. My coach, Grodo has set up the Big Steel Challenge. Lift as much weight as you can in the month of January. I started today. I'm not sure I'll win the challenge but I guarantee I'm going to get stronger than I have ever been. Here's the workout from the day
Weight 145.2
Warm Up
Squats 25 x 45lbs + 2 x 20 x 95Lbs 5875lbs
Push Ups 4 x 15 @ 30% of my weight 2613.6lbs
Leg Press 15 x 70 x 3 3150lbs
Shoulder Press 10 x 30 x 2 600lbs
Standing Cleans 10 x 30 x 2 600lbs
Leg Extentions 15 x 10 x 4 + 5 x 30 x 4 1200lbs
Chin Ups 6/6/4 2323.2 lbs
Pull Ups 6 871.2lbs
Single leg calf raises 4 x 12 at 10% 696.96lbs
Single Leg bridges 10/10/8/8/4/4/ 958.32
Seated Row 20 x 50 + 20 x 70 2400lbs

Total Weight Lifted: 21,288.2 lbs

If I compare myself to the coach I'm way behind. If I compare against myself I think it's fairly decent. I'll update the progress and try to give a running total for the month.

It's a good life.....
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