Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Monster Iron

A bit more on Running around the World. Yesterday I ran 1 hour on a tread mill overlooking the must see Hong Kong harbor and Kowloon. Today I ran with the Zoot Tribe on the hilly spectacular trails of Rancho Santa Fe. Not a bad back to back if you ask me.

Today after the run I was back to the gym to continue the big steel challenge. I say this again. Being down in weight is a disadvantage here. I feel like I need to just get fat the rest of this month so that my weight totals look better.

Weight 144
The Workout

Squats                                     Leg Press
12 x 45lb                                12 X 90lb
12 x 115lb                              12 X 110lb
12 x 125lb                              12 x 120lb
10 x 135lb                              Total: 3810
Total 4,770lbs

Leg Extention                        Dips
4 x 12 x 30lb                          8
2 x 8 x 50lb                           Total 1152lb
Total: 2240

Pull Ups                                Calf Raises
8                                            4 X 12                
4                                            Total 686lbs
Total 1872lbs

Seated Row                        Push Ups
55lb X 12                           2 min drill
2 X 12 X 70lb                    41
Total: 1340lb                     1771

Grand Total: 17,371lbs

It's a good life...
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