Monday, January 3, 2011

Five Toes

Over the last two weeks I've seen the same scenario play out often. It goes like this: I'm out running or riding or driving and see a runner. I see lots of runners. Yes, there are lots of runners in Cardiff and Encinitas but I think it's a bit different for me. Usually I can see the runner and tell you everything they are wearing and give you a market share figure to each of those items. But recently I've seen something totally weird. Each time I've seen the shoes, I've seen this happen. Or I should say it the other way I see this happen and then I see the shoes. I see a runner in the distance lumbering along and then for some reason they stop and do one of two things, stretch or wince. This is not a wishful dream of mine it's pure honesty. In the last week I've seen it at least 5 times. The only common trait with each of the runners is on their feet. Now before you think I'm knocking a type or brand of shoe I'm not. In fact I've been the biggest supporter. Any time there is a buzz in running it's good. And so this brand and this type of running footwear spurred on by a Book is all very good for running. But the "trend" I see is troubling. These people are not enjoying what they are doing. It's clear from the wince or the stretch that "running" is not fun at that point. I'm a realist and know that running isn't fun for everyone like it is for me but this is not good. I'm afraid it's what I thought everyone would do. People, product won't make you a runner. There isn't a running product in the world that can take you from couch to runner without work. My guess is these people thought those shoes were the answer to running without the work part of it. It's the one down side of any buzz about the sport. People get out, do too much, too soon, too fast and then for the rest of their life they'll say "I used to run, but my knees started to bother me".

Word to the wise: Believe in the product. heck those shoes have helped a San Diego sock company thrive. Anyway believe in the product but learn to run while you are doing it. Ease your way into anything new in running. If you go in too much, too fast, too soon, your body will not like you.

It's a good life....
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