Saturday, January 22, 2011

Read Between the Lines

The other night I was giving our son Marco a hard time about the friendship bracelet he was wearing. He said he found it on his desk, I asked who the girl was. In the midst of the discussion he turned to me and showed be the back side of three fingers. The middle one being the important finger. In other words my little boy had just flipped me off. I thought later, how lucky the two of us are. I would have never dreamed of flipping my father off. Mostly out of fear. But the bond between Marco and I is built on respect. It is in this bond that he felt comfortable that I would react the way I did. I pulled him close to me, gave him a big hug and praised him for his effort. I deserved the gesture and felt comfortable enough to go with it.

I was reminded last night that I once wrote that I want to grow up one day to be just like Marco. I still hold to that thought. He is so well put together that I hope one day to reach his poise.

It's a good life....
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