Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't let the Lunatic Phase You.

Does anything phase you?
This question came to me last night. It was regarding the lunatic in my Meeting on Monday. It started with "everyone has had to have a lunatic meeting and now all of you have been affected by the lunatic". I said to the group, awe, that was nothing. I've worked for and with Lunatics and I rate that performance well below true lunacy. It's not true lunacy when you can predict it all. When you know what's coming and it does that's not a good lunatic. A really good lunatic knows what's expected of him plays all nice. lulls you into a sense of security and then when you least expect it lowers his lunacy. I've worked with those kind of Lunatics and man did they get to me. I lost lot's of sleep with those kind of Lunatics. But today in my wise age I think I've figured out the lunatics. My first thought is to feel sorry for them. Sorry that to them lunacy is normal. And sorry that they feel they have to live that way. Can you imagine, living like you know everything there is to know and that none of you are worth what I'm worth. Isn't that what true lunacy is anyway, thinking you are better than everyone else. So long ago I found out that you can stand and fight the Lunatics or you can let them dance on your face, brush it off and move on. Like you I'd prefer to not have them dance on my or your face. But I've learned that deep down if you are good with who you are and what you stand for (Read Be Different) the Lunatics can't phase you.

It's a good life....
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