Saturday, February 11, 2012

Energy is why we eat.

From time to time I feel it's important to share the things I've found. I don't begin to call myself a nutrition expert or even good at following my own advice. I do know that when I do follow my advice or that of the experts it works for me. One of those experts is Chuckie V. Read what he has to say about Nutrition here.

It's fairly simple.
1. Eat Real Food in it's natural state
2. Drink Water
3. Eat often
4. If your energy levels are high through the day you have eaten enough if not you probably haven't.

Mistakes everyone makes on low energy.
1. More coffee
2. soft drinks loaded with sugar
3. Sugar loaded food or blank food - both are wrong.

Which brings me to the snack of the week. I found this at Whole Foods. You can make them yourself if you have a food processor. For $9 for 8 servings. Cheaper than any packaged "energy" bar. You get absolutely energy loaded. What on this label will scare most people is 110 of 160 calories are fat. Go back and read what Chuckie has to say and then dig in. That Fat is really good fat and it will fill you, and provide you with great energy.

It's a good life....

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