Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No. 71

I love it when it's my opinion and I didn't write it. Why because most of the time I work on the edge of pissing too many people off or better stated on the edge of getting fired. By the way I read it somewhere and I paraphrase "Working on the edge of getting fired is where shit happens".   In the recent Esquire Magazine they list the 79 things we can all agree on. #71 is WE CAN All AGREE TO HATE A FEW THINGS SUCH AS: When you read it just read it for what it is don't read into it. Reading into it is what gets too many people riled up. For instance the mustache month "I can't grow a stupid mustache so I hate that month" You might read into it that I hate giving money for Prostate Cancer and that just isn't true.

  • Vibram Five Finger Shoes
  • Alabama's Immigration Law
  • Men Using Straws
  • Men eating lollipops
  • ATM Fees
  • The condescension inherent tn a coworker's "Thanks Bud" 
  • LinkedIN requests
  • Any invitation to take a survey when you're done visiting a site
  • People who pronounce it Prim-mer
  • Books born of websites
  • Books born of twitter
  • Months that encourage you to grow facial hair
  • The cold-beer alert bars on Coors Light cans
It's a good life....
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