Sunday, February 19, 2012

Travel Day Destination Hong Kong

Today is travel day. San Diego to San Francisco to Hong Kong. First up is an easy run. My flight is at 10:15 which gives me time to run. I keep the connection in San Fran tight so I don't have to hang out too much.
My company requires that we travel in Economy so the first thing to do is request an Upgrade. Fat chance as the flight to Hong Kong is always full. But maybe there is an empty business class seat. If not I've got my aisle seat already picked. I choose that so I can get up frequently. This flight is so long, you can watch a movie, sleep for 5 hours and only be half way there. So the best advice I have is relax, have something to read, walk around as much as possible, sleep as much as possible and don't eat everything they give you. I always skip the last meal before landing. I eat when I'm on the ground.

It's a good life....
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