Thursday, February 2, 2012

Emotional Equations

It's amazing how things happen. It's not by chance that's for sure. I was introduced to Chip Conley by reading the 4 Hour Work Week author Tim Ferris blog. Then I bought Emotional Equations and answers are coming to me. Answers I didn't even know I had questions to.  So follow along as I uncover some answers.

First learned Equation. Despair = Suffering - Meaning

My Recent Example: I've been an unhappy camper at work to the point of Despair

The Suffering (manifested)
1. poor sleep patterns
2. Nasty emails to my boss
3. Non-Stop pushing with the big decision makers.
4. Probably a bear to deal with at home
6. crappy workouts

Meaning - I didn't know what I was doing at the company. What's my purpose. Just building shoes and being the only one in the building and in the company (parent included) that really understood shoes and how they are so tied to running was beginning to wear on me. But on Monday the new Developer started and now I have a partner who is into shoes like me. I get to have "meetings" with someone other than myself and the meaning came back to me "I'm here to make running a better experience". With that everything washed off of me. Sure there are still things that will bother me but I know what I'm here to do and that it will translate to many more things like business growth in the future.

Example #2 is for you parents out there. Marco has been struggling with Algebra. His grade has slowly gone down, his motivation went with it and all he heard from us pressure to perform. All of this with a good math teacher and a tutor. He was suffering so much that it became despair. Then Mary found a new "tutor". The first thing this tutor did was give Marco a general math test. The meaning clearly showed through the test. As you know Math builds on itself over the years. If you don't understand or possible miss a section (due to living abroad) then you can get lost. For whatever reason Marco was missing some basic Math knowledge that caused him to get all the Algebra wrong. It's going to take hims lots of work to figure it all out, but now the Despair can go away. He will suffer for the next semester but as long as he works hard on making up the learning (the meaning) he will be fine once High School starts.

There will be more learning on my part from this book. I'm confident on that. I'll continue to write in hopes that I gain more clarity in my life.

It's a good life....

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