Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Running Around #6 - Cardiff Kook Run

Top 10 for the Cardiff Kook Run

  1.  We knew it was a good idea the first time the mention of the Kook, running and Super Bowl Sunday were put together. 
  2.  Mile Markers oops! 
  3.  There was a Terry Schalow sighting. Terry and I live in the same town, work in the same industry, have known each other for more than 20 years yet the only time we see each other is at the NYC Marathon Runner's World party. 
  4.  We unloaded a great deal of water the morning of the race. It wasn't enough. 
  5.  Remember when recovery and prep and rest meant nothing. I give you our 13 year old son who ran once this year and not hard since is last cross country race in November. He towed the line for the 5K ran his fastest 5K ever and ran faster then everyone else from his team. 
  6.  The woman who I came up to in the first mile of the run her quote "I'm almost 50 and I'm trying to break 40"  I checked, you are only 46 so you are not almost 50. You are a good runner for sure but you prance when you run. Oh yeah that foot plant thing again. Upper body tall and proud, feet planting where feet plant. Try to get her to run proper with a clean midfoot strike. Good Luck and oh by the way, you would slow her down. 
  7. The hill repeats are working. For the last three weeks I've spent Wednesday getting strong on the hills. Approaching the hill on the way back and running it, I felt in total control. Not fast but in control. 
  8. The long warm up with Andrew and Eric was perfect. I think the older I get the more warm up I need. One day I'll probably have to run the 10K just to run the 10K. 
  9. Pro Women triathlete who I crushed. I suggest you look at everything you're doing and hire someone to handle it all. If you can't beat me you are not going to reach your dreams. I ran really slow for me by the way. 
  10. Can't wait to do it all over again. 
It's a good life....

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