Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day #2 - China Team Dinner

Wake up is usually early. It might be 3am or 4am. Not by choice of course. First up is coffee and then a run or a ride in the gym. 1 hour is usually all I can do. I generally try to eat a really good breakfast each day. So I load up on food. Breakfast is breakfast all around the world. Yes the odd stuff is there for sure, but for the most part there is always something to eat.

I'm on the train by 8:15 so I can meet Norman at 8:30. We'll get to the factory about 9:30 and dig into work. Today will be the start of working on the Spring 13 shoes. We'll look at the latest samples and look at our notes from the retail visits we did recently. Each shoe is tried on, and covered seam by seam. We are also reviewing the cost sheet at this time. We'll also kick off Fall 2013 today. We'll review the designs with the Norman and the developers at the factory. With in 2 weeks we'll see the first crack and the uppers for Fall 13. We have a target cost and hopefully in the range. Lunch is the same and we'll finish work about 6:30.

Tonight is team dinner where the factory hosts us for dinner. It's always the same place and the same food. There is only one resteraunt near the factory. We always get a private room. If it's just the guys from the factory we work closely with it's usually a fairly early night. If the big bosses from the factory join the dinner usually drags on. Beer is not required but it's in bad taste to refuse. Small glasses and very light beer. The only problem is if someone toasts you, you have to drink the contents. Guess what, they toast you often. Hopefully tonight is a low toast night.

If we make it back to the hotel by 11:00pm we are lucky.

It's a good life....
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