Friday, March 22, 2013

The High School Runner #2

Quote of the Day: You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink....

800m: 2:27
Mike: 4:59
2Mile: 10:31 New
Long Run: 1 Miles

3 years ago there was a list. A list of 10 different sports or activities. We asked him to choose one. We told him he had to choose one and if he liked it great but that he had to commit for the upcoming season. He chose running. We double checked and he confirmed.

For three years we drove to practice once and sometimes twice a week. On weekends we went to cross country meets in the Fall and Track Meets in the Spring. There was some early success that first season when he fought his way on to the team that would go to Cross Country Nationals. For the most part he was a kid doing a sport. He did it at practice and on race day but he was a kid the rest of the time. It was purely a fun place to spend a few hours a week. He looked forward to practice and to race day because that's where his friends were.There were times when I got frustrated because I saw talent that he didn't. But I regularly told myself patience. It (drive and commitment) will come when it comes or it will not come at all. I had to tell myself and him that I was OK with either.

High School started and I did the smartest thing I've ever done. Introduced him to his coach who I've known for 20+ years and walked away. The coach is running to him now. I am just Dad. His Cross Country season was a success. He learned how to train, he made great friends and he got faster as the season went along. Between that Cross Country Season and this Track Season he became a runner. He is 100% committed and talking  There is a great deal that has gone into that statement but I believe the biggest two things are:

1. He and coach are bonding.
2. The #1 runner on the team recognized his talent and has taken to him. The Senior and the Freshmen are training together.

It's a good life....
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