Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Worst Two Words in the English Language

Yes But.... 

I hear these two words spoken daily and they have no business being together. The first part of this combination is easy Yes or No. Either you agree with something or you don't. It's ok to say I don't agree with that, I would do this. But it's Yes or No. The second part of the statement doesn't belong. Here's how it plays out. 

In business - Yes But we don't have the resources, Yest But we don't have the time, Yes But our system won't allow it. Yes But we thought we didn't need it etc. 

In daily life - Yes But houses are just so much more expensive then they were, Yes But I got distracted, Yes But I had other things to do etc.

In racing - Yes But I got a cramp, Yes But those guys were drafting, Yes But I lost the first pack etc. 

I urge you to remove it from you vocabulary and either answer No or answer Yes And. 

Do you plan to buy a house - Yes And to do it we are going to cut back in these three areas. 

Can we add that to the website - Yes And we will need to figure out a workaround in the warehouse. 

Did you have a good race - Yes and I learned that if I lose the first back I have to work harder to chase. 

It's a good life....
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