Saturday, March 9, 2013

Running Around the World: Country #29, Singapore

Quote of the Day: Jet Lag cures include a 2 hour workout and a 15km run. How does a 45 minute nap sound instead?

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Singapore marks the 29th country I've run in. I think I'll try all the suggestions in the Quote of the Day today. My impressions of Singapore so far after 1/2 a day.

  1.  Stay at the Traders Hotel if you want to be close to good running (The Botanic Gardens are 1 block away and there's a golf course across the street). If you search on google the Botanic Gardens are usually at the top of every list of things to see in Singapore. I took care of that in my first morning run. 
  2. I've also checked out the pool and the gym. The pool although not square is large enough (3st. 30 meters end to end) to work on your swimming form. The gym is good but it looks like it will be hot in the day. 
  3. Singapore is known for its large Ex. Pat community and I think I found it. The runners in the park, the folks walking the streets, and everyone at Starbucks is not from here. Sure many could be from the hotels around but you can tell a local from not a local and there are lot's of local western faces in the crowd. 
  4. Singapore is home to the largest Marathon weekend in the world. Something like 100,000 runners take part in one of 3 or 4 races. That is evident in the number of runners I saw today. I didn't ask where to run this morning. I walked out the hotel found a group of runners and followed them. They showed me the way. 
  5. The other thing this location is good for is cycling. On my run I saw 2 riders tucked into their aero bars. On the elevator back up to the room I shared the ride with an Aussie guy and his bike. He had just ridden 2 hours on the streets around the park. He stays in this hotel each time he comes and he brings his bike. 

It's a good life....

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