Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Running Around the World: Singapore

Quote of the Day: You Look Too Healthy! Man in the hotel elevator commenting on my appearance after a run. 

A fountain in the Mall that is attached to the Sands Casino. That's Salt Water that runs into a flowing river where you can take a Gondola Ride. 

For such a small country this place really packs a punch. Everything you hear about it is true.

  • It's clean. It looks 100% manicured but I think much of that is just natural. 
  • Traffic flows. For such a tight space with a good sized population traffic is rarely backed up. 
  • Security - where much of Asia is full of a present police and security force Singapore is just as present without one. That doesn't mean they aren't there, it just means they don't show themselves. 
  • Rules - Again where much of Asia (specifically China) ignores many rules the Singaporeans obey like Germans. 
  • Active - There is a huge community of active people running, cycling and the like. 
  • Friendly - Everyone gives you a smile, shakes your hand and offers help. And what's amazing is that it's a huge mix of cultures and it doesn't matter which culture you meet up with it's always the same. 
We ate lunch at the Country Club. It reminded me so much of hanging out with Dad when I was young. We were always at the country club. I think he was smiling down on me today. 

I love traveling the world and finding gems like this. This is the second Olympic size pool I found in the city. What a great setting to workout in. I wish I had my suit and goggles at the time. 

This has been my view every morning as I drink my coffee. That is the Sunrise shining on the tree. It's much more beautiful then the picture. Just really cool the way the light begins to show itself. 

There are a couple complaints I have and they have nothing to do with this city. The more I travel the more I'm disgusted with the behavior of the travelers. 
  1. The man who walked into the lounge this morning with a t'shirt that read Addicted to Bitches. Who wears a shirt like that? 
  2. The man yesterday walking around at breakfast in his bare feet. This is not your home. 
  3. Just the general rudeness in people who travel. 
I can't finish on a rant. I'll finish on Food. Great food is all around in Singapore. The issues I have with Asian food are really limited to China. It's actually quite funny to hear a Singaporean man tell me he doesn't trust the China food either. The two things you can't trust in China are substitutions. They eat everything and you know there are substitutions. Even the wine they serve is probably not the orignal wine from the vineyard. The other major thing is cleanliness. It's just a major issue when you walk into a dirty smelly "kitchen" to pick your live fish out. So landing in Singapore those old reflexes kick in. It took me a couple days but they are gone now. The food is fresh here and it's really well prepared. You can find all the world foods in the city.  I've had amazing Indian, fresh Seafood and last night:

We ate at a Teppanyaki place. Outstanding food and quite entertaining. That's Lamb on fire.

It's a good life....

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