Monday, March 18, 2013

How Do You Stay So Thin?

Quote of the Day: Chronic Stress is the major factor that weakens our immune systems. Chronic stress comes from long-term imbalance related to nutrition, movement, environmental toxins and pollutants, emotional trauma, job stress, excessive sun exposure, disconnection from the Earth or any combination there of...Sid Garza-Hillman Approaching the Natural

The question, How do you stay so thin? is one Mary and I get often. Maybe not in those exact words but it's often. Just recently in Singapore all I heard is you need to eat more meat, you need to put more meat on you.

For the most part I think those questions come from two places.

  1. I want to know that it's natural for you. That you eat and eat and eat and you simply never put on pounds. 
  2. I want to know that you work out so much, more than natural and that's why. 

I will admit that both are partially true but they are in no way an excuse for you or anyone else. Yes, both of us have thin in our genes. But both of us know that if we just ate crap we would put on weight. Yes, both of us work out more than the suggested amount by the Surgeon General. But neither of us do it for weight management or body image. We do it because we love to do it. It releases us from our world. 

The real truth is we work very hard at all of it. We work hard at what we put in our body, we work hard at what we expect from our body and we rest hard. We are great at doing absolutely nothing. Or at least I am. 

We eat clean. 
1. Organic meat only. 
2. No Wheat - Mary has an allergy to Gluten so we stay away from it. 
3. No Dairy - I know, no cheese, no yogurt etc. Look at the rest of the animal kingdom. Name an adult that drinks milk. You can't. 
4. No soft drinks
5. Our plate is 90% fruits and veggies and 10% meat. Because of this we eat often and a great deal. 

We work out. 
1. Mary runs or walks hills daily. She finishes each with 5-10 minutes on the punching bag. 
2. I run, ride, swim, and hit the gym close to 90 minutes a day and I stretch nightly. 

Are we perfect at all of this. No. I still eat Pizza, I eat Greek Yogurt, I take full days off working out and some weeks I can squeeze in 30 minutes a day. What we are is consistent. We are a great deal more consistent then we are not. And all of this has nothing to do with wanting to be thin. It has everything to do with wanting to be alive and active for a long time. Longer than average and longer than was thought possible  when we were born.  

It's a good life...
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