Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running Shoes Fashion or Function?

Quote of the Day: "Some runners are too concerned with fashion, and we try and steer people away from that." Bryon Mahon in an article about How to by the Right Running Shoes

I'm the biggest believer that you should buy running shoes based on Fit and Function. Know the kind of shoe you should run in and then find the best fit. But I work in the shoe industry and am a huge fan of shoes looking good too. There are plenty that I look at in the market and just say yuck! The shoe pictured above is one I worried was too much. But my recent travels and my recent times wearing it tell me quite a different story. Here's what I'ver heard: 

  1.  Those are stunning - Flight attendant as I was boarding the flight. 
  2. What's the Brand - Everyone
  3. Where can I get those - The Customs Agent in LA. 
  4. Are those Brooks, they have the same lacing - Guy at Whole Foods. Little does he know we were using it long before Brooks and I didn't tell him that. 
  5. I really like those - They guy at Starbucks commenting in front of my new Boss. I did not pay him to say that. 
The interesting thing is nobody knows I work at Zoot. They are commenting on my shoes. Think about that, how many strangers have you approached to comment on their shoes. I have done it often but it's my job. It simply has amazed me. Every time I wear them somebody makes a comment. 

I love my job.....

It's a good life...

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