Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Double

Little Marco Jewell decided to double up today. First of all running is not something we push marco into. We offer up events and he does or doesn't do them. Today Mary and I were planning to run a local 10K. There are always kids events so we asked Marco if he wanted to join in. He said sure and "can I do the 10K too?" So we headed to the event. You just have to love Europe. The kids events started at 11:00 there was a 5K at 1:15 and the 10K at 2:00pm. So we show up to the race site for the kids events. We find out that you must be 16 to run the 10K so Mary opted to run the 5K and Marco agreed. 11:40 and Marco was off on event #1 a 1250 meter kids event. He doesn't have that competitive spirit yet but it will come. He runs super smooth and can out kick anyone. He just doesn't feel the urge to win. That said he crossed the line in 12 or so place with a big smile on his face.
A quick snack, change of clothes (for mom and I) and it was time for the 5K. The plan for Mary was to run with him as far as he could go and walk if he needed. Not my kid, he ran the entire way. His first 5K after already running 1250. It makes a Dad proud.

My 10K was a good steady effort. I'm roughly 3 weeks into training and I'm a bit tired of the work so a 10K effort was a good change. In roughly 3 weeks I improved my average pace by 10 seconds so I'm happy with that. It's going to take time to achieve my goals and today was not a test for goal just a test for progress. All is good!

Marco getting ready for the race. Camo was the choice for the day. Number 23 is a good number. It was my football jearsey (yes, I played football - Not very well I might add) number. All smiles at 11:00am.
Here's that kick I was talking about. The kid doesn't even look like he's working it.

Dressed and ready to go for the 5K. The rain started to come just before this event. 35 degrees and raining, just beautiful. I don't have pictures of their finish because I was warming up for my event. I had a blast because during my warm-up I caught up to Mary and Marco and ran with them a bit and then managed to run the final turn on the track with them. It was a good time.
It's a good life....

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