Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Running Shoes: The RRS Top 10

Here you have it. I can tell you that I'm angry that your filled with misinformation about running shoes. I can get angry when I see pictures of people in the latest fad of running shoes thinking that the shoe is the answer to their problems. But it's really good to see this. This picture shows me that all is right in the world of running. With all the misinformation of the world out there,  runners are still going with real shoes.

Do I like all of these shoes: No, in fact I think a few of them are really poorly built.

Is this consistent with the market as a whole?  No, the Asics Gel Kayano is not the #1 running shoe in the world but it has been #1 at RRS for more than 10 years.

What makes this so good: Running shoes don't run for you, but good running shoes allow you to run comfortably day after day and these are the basics of what makes a good running shoe. Give me 10 runners at random and I can find a shoe in this mix that will service all of them for most of their running.

It's also this grouping that makes being in the running shoe business so hard and so fun. I was a part in one way or another of building this top 10. All of these shoes were launched in running while I was at RRS. Now it's my challenge that I accept joyfully to knock one of these shoes out and put one of our shoes in there. Like I said I think there are a couple in here that are poorly built. So we will target the weakness.

It's a good life….

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