Sunday, November 27, 2022



Happy Thanksgiving weekend! On Thanksgiving day we got up and headed all of ten minutes to the start of the Encinitas Turkey Trot. It is an annual tradition no matter where we are to find a turkey trot. I did a solid warm up. The start is narrow so it make sure you don’t get trampled it is best to line up early at the front. I was probably too cautious on that front and ended up standing in place for almost 10 minutes. I was in mid conversation with a guy I met at the starting line when the gun went off. I started off right on the heels of the guy. He had run the Berlin Marathon and then done the 70.3 World Championships in St George. The pace was too hot for my fitness and I had to let him go. About a mile in I heard someone on the side of the road scream go Hillary! I kind of knew instantly that I had a multiple Ironman winner and Ultraman World Champion on my heels. In my head I said no chance, she is not passing me. The 5K race is an out and back. At the turn around, she did pass me. That lasted 5 seconds before I put in a surge. For the next 1.5 miles I could hear her behind me. The gap was opening but not enough for my comfort. I chose places along the course to dig deeper. The screams for Hillary were still there (she is kind of popular). As soon as the finish line came in view I pushed. I finished a few seconds in front of Hillary but when I looked at the time I was disappointed. I was racing to finish 1 minute slower than last year. I knew I wasn’t in shape to run fast but I am hoping it is just a fitness issue and not an aging issue. After the race I ran back out on the course to run the last 1/5 mile with my wife. When we got home my ultra competitive wife checked her results then she checked mine. I won my age group. 

Shoe of the Week

Saucony sends me lots of shoes. They sent the Endorphin Pro 3 to me just prior to the launch in the late summer of this year. When I was in Berlin earlier this year I woke up one morning to rain and cool temperatures. It was my last day in the city and I had not seen much of what I love about it. I put on the Endorphin Pro 3 and went running/sight seeing. I did this big loop of 10 miles simply following the key sights. The 10 miles was effortless and beautiful. My hands were frozen but my feet were feeling great. 

Here is my review of the shoe: 

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